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If it interests someone, I am working on this myself and once the first batch is done I can share with the community here. There is not a lot of coding, but I got enough used to the Variant Class process for this work.

For the two casting progressions I had to improvise. I created the Fake Classes, classes with complete spellcasting progressions for each basic spellcaster class and nothing else, and the Fake Caster Template whose only feature is to give a -1 ECL to compensate.

Then I tackled the 'add power/magic' feature on every but the first level of the gestalt variant. The end result is a hero with all the tabs working correctly, but it needs permanent adjustments to correct final HP and Skill Points and an eye on correct levels for feats and ability increases.

Maybe someone can help me cleaning up this with some coding, a skill I lack myself, but overall it is working better than simply have to keep track of an entire spellcasting progression by hand.
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