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Originally Posted by Madmaxneo View Post
I see no format toolbar in the "Mechanics Reference" under the "Race/Species" tab. The only option on that tab is a button labeled "Modify Category" with a blue arrow on it. There is an option to "Create new Race/Species article" but I wanted to include the tables for race info on the tab. Clicking the "Modify Category" button doesn't help either.
The format tab in the ribbon will appear when a topic is in edit-mode and your cursor is in a snippet.

Otherwise it will be hidden.

Originally Posted by Madmaxneo View Post
I just noticed something.
I can't seem to find a category for Experience Guidelines and Leveling up. Is there a category for this that I missed somewhere?
I don't know - I guess it depends on the system RW is set up to use.

But if you need a category you can always make one. I do that a lot.

But beware of the pitfalls of doing so - especially relevant if you are going to make content that should be useable by others - or if you plan to import other people's content.

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