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Originally Posted by cryptoknight View Post
Cyber/Bioware and the reduction of essence is not affecting the magic attribute correctly.

When you lose essence you lose both max magic attribute and current magic attribute.

i.e. if I make a character with 5 points of magic and put in .5 points of bioware my essence is 5.5 This immediately reduces my current magic attribute to 4 and my max magic attribute to 5

I made a physical adept and stuck .9 essence worth of 'ware into her. Her max magic attribute was reduce correctly, but her current magic attribute stayed at 4.
I'm afraid I can't duplicate this. I chose the Adept heritage for a blank character, set magic to 4, then added an augmentation (Ultrasound Sensor was the first one my mouse hit) - the Magic attribute is being displayed as 3, and the calculations I see in the mouseover are "Starting Value 4, Essence Reductions -0.3 (-1)", with attribute limits of 1/5(7).
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