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Originally Posted by Nigel Fogg The Wayfarer View Post
First off Draidis, hello and welcome!

Secondly, have you downloaded the additional material available at the Cheeseweasel site? If so, I'd suggest using the editor to look into the Dragon Devotee and/or Dragon Disciple classes to see if that gives some insight.

Thirdly, if my above comment helps not at all, listen to far more skilled Forum members like Mathias & others too numerous to mention.

Does this count as a dradis contact? lol Okay, so you aren't spelled the same but it did seem like you were going for a Battlestar Galactica reference.

Nigel Fogg, aka The Wayfarer
Thanks, I appreciate the attempt but it doesn't really help. The first thing I did after getting this program before I even figured out how to make a basic lvl 1 human fighter to test it was download lawful g's stuff off that site (and it's AWESOME btw) and any other user content I could find. I do need to make this class specifically. I tried copying other classes (by using the new(copy) feature) but it didn't seem to copy over prerequisites nor could I find anything that helped me code/make the specific things i stated above. There were a bunch of abilities I did figure out how to add as well as the feat prereqs but I got stumped with those.

Would you have any idea how I could contact those more numerous and skilled members you mentioned so they might help?

Also no, the name Draidis is one I came up with off the top of my head for my very first D&D character when I was nine (almost 20 years ago). It's not a reference to anything.... although BSG kicks ass
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