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Here is another blog post detailing some of the Pathfinder 2 PFS boons that will exist, and that you may want to consider including. You also may want to consider asking for the PF2 guide early, if possible.

As we get ever closer to releasing the new Pathfinder Society Guide to Play, scenarios, and more, it's now time to give a preview of what's coming for Playtest Points.

There are 14 rewards to look forward to, many of them inspired by the playtest adventures. We're expecting the store to go live the week before Gen Con, at which point you'll be able to redeem PTP for boons. One of these rewards you can only buy once, whereas the rest you can purchase multiple times if you're so inspired. Just be aware that 11 of these have scaling costs, with the first copy of the boon being fairly inexpensive and duplicates being available at a higher price.
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