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I will refer you to the post right before yours ... the very post right before yours. you had to go by that post to post your reply it explains why using 1 program for 4 people is bad. as to why I have 4 copies in my house. I had to pay for them them because I am the parent... that may blow your mind but some of us are working parents that have family members playing.. now if I were simply just creating characters and printing them out then I guess technically I could use 1 program and build all thier characters print them out and be done... but if I was going to do that might as well build them by hand because up until recently the printed character sheets were sub par.. you know it .. I know it.. hell the dev's even admitted it and updated it ... that's not a siam to the system... that's just fact... but using 1 program between everyone is the very thing that the previous post link said was wrong. Now... like I have said several times before... I understand the dev's need to make money... and they have made about 400 off my household... I have never complained before.. when they move to the subscription system this is when I have to say no more.. I will simply put hero labs aside... one person and program.. not an issue... 4 people and 4 programs per month ... huge issue.. I wish you and the devs great success... I love the program... I simply just cant keep up with the money bleed. Who knows maybe thier group plan that they announced in Feb will be an option ( who knows? They have not mentioned it again since. ) but ... I cant imagine a scenario where they let me add my 4 already existing accounts to a group plan and I won't buy yet another new account on top of the previous 4 just to lose all I have already purchased..

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