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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
There's a Class Variant tab in the editor. You'll want to use that. It should be pretty straight forward to create but if you get stuck let us know. Once you've created it, make sure to activate Variant Classes in the portfolio configuration window.
Letting you know. It may be straight forward for you guys, but to me... not so much. I created Class Variant 'Druid Domain'.

Class to Modify - Druid
Variant Class Level - (blank)
Add or Replace the Class' name - Append (so I can see it on the list)
Modified Custom Ability Count - Row 0 = 1
Allow Additional Class Abilities - Cleric
Additional Class Special Abilities - I selected Domain Access that was from the Sorc variant, but it isn't doing anything.

I don't see it in the list of classes when leveling up the character (Variant classes are selected in the Configure Hero).


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