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Actually based on the Kickstarter the whole feature set which would include the Content market functionality to share was originally planned for may 2013 for some backer levels. While I fully understand the delay for the first release and that it would not be available all at once. It's somehow getting ridiculous about the delay currently.

Especially as the "Spotlight" series was and still is mentioned as "This weekly update will outline the Content market release plan." Somehow from december 19th up to now only 8 "Spotlights" have been posted and sorry to say but the first 5 had nothing to do with the content market but did just repeat things that where in the Gencon Videos of the last two years already, only "week 6" did contain actually useful information about the content market, yet hardly anything that does outline anything like a "release plan". It's fine and also advertised as previewing key RW features, however there is hardly anything NEW information.

Sorry but some are customers that payed already for the product whose one of the main features was delayed and delayed again with little to no word when it will be actually available. Small company or not this is getting hard to swallow.
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