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I'm a Software engineer myself and I can understand timelines slipping. The last team I was on had 6 developers, 3 QA and we did Agile of 2 week sprints.
I did both C# and SQL Server and we've delivered some very complex stuff in less than 2 years.

I am now a contractor and been in this company for just over 6 months and this project is a greenfield project consisting of only myself and 1 other developer and we've build a DB and application within the past 6 months.

As a Software Engineer we know our limits and abilities and don't commit to things we know we can't complete.

Saying that the Content Market was going to be available by end of 2014 and missing the mark and slipping by a few months is understandable. But slipping over 1 year with not even any tentative date....

I myself want to see this succeed. I'm waiting patiently for the Content Market so I can see what it holds before I make my initial purchase of RW.
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