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Originally Posted by Dark Lord Galen View Post
I was pondering this over dinner with my better half... and she to was intrigued by the idea, but brought back out a valid point I had forgotten.....

"what if the player has more than one character?"

In our campaign, I run one world (realm) but the world is vast and wide and there are 3 groups of PCs that explore it (based on who is available for table time is what determines which PC group runs that weekend).

So it would be very possible from a player perspective like hers that if the colors were defined by player, she could get three differing reveals mish-mashed together from the collection of what her 3 different PCs know all marked with the same color assigned to her.

This is why I brought this up to Rob early on about reveal levels and he confirmed it was indeed the plan to go down to the character level, not just the Player Level.

see here>

So if that holds true (and I hope that it does) not quite sure how the "filter" will respond unless there are ALOT more color variables....

As Rob is often fond of saying ... it is easy to imagine something .. quite a bit different to bring those imaginings to reality at times, especially not knowing the intricacies of how the code would respond.

It is also why having a pulldown as suggested earlier in this thread may be the better approach. Then it could be filtered by the PC selected.
I would solve this whole player vs character issue by simply making it by character. You cannot control how many players, or how may characters each player plays, but we have one true static rule, you must have a character to play, thus we begin at the foundation for the game system it self, the character.

Also, players are to play the character based on what they the character knows, not others, so to support that idealism, we must reveal by character so the player knows what the character knows. After that, tweak player version to allow more than one character for a player in a window or tab. Most games I have been in, have one player, one PC character, though I am sure its not uncommon to have it otherwise, one to one is the norm I am aware of.

As far as multi character reveal to color, I would simply say once a snippet has past more than on character reveal, it goes "black" or some other reserved color, maybe darker grey. Then if you hover over it, a pop up window appears and it shows color and character the snippet has been revealed too. Make it a right click on the reveal icon for a snippet bring this as a pop up menu and allow the choosing of character for the reveals, with the "reveal to all" button that turns the snippet the standard green.

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