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I think one of the biggest problems is that none of us outside of LWD knows what Realm Works is really supposed to be when it is "finished" and the feature-set is complete. We keep making suggestions but we have no clue if or when they might be implemented beyond a handful of responses that say something is in the works/planned/a good idea.

What is the official vision for version 1.0? This would be feature complete and ready for general consumption. This would iinclude calendar, marketplace and export IMNSHO and a few updates to existing functionality like journals. It would interface seamlessly with and complement the Player Edition. Market towards this version and get to this version as quickly as possible.

What is then the vision for version 2.0? This could have lots of spiffy new features. This would include a whole slew of the recommendations like granular player reveal. It could include better HL or d20pro integration. It could include real-time synching. Market this momentum and build a cohesive future feature-set that is compelling to new GMs/players to suck them in.

Maybe we need to SEE the vision to better understand it. I'd love to have a start-to-finish video of what LWD envisions. Team up with Zombie Orpheus or some other talented group of gaming oriented film makers and this could be an amazing marketing piece. Input an adventure in fast forward with slow motion cuts to look at what has been entered, tune some mechanics, make a storyboard, folks arrive, session starts, player view is used for various things, session ends, players at home review notes, someone that wasn't there reviews notes, GM updates adventure, folks arrive, session starts with slightly different group of players, rinse repeat, fast forward to arrival, blur, arrival, blur....
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