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Originally Posted by Grimmric View Post
I am a player and my understanding was that:
1. Player view was "live". It was used during play.
2. Player edition was instead of mailing out plots, notes and treasure found.
Like a spellbook. Good to get home and log on and read about all the evil wizards spells that now is mine.
Or read up on leads we got the week before. Instead of taking that time when we are att the table to play.
Well said! This is exactly what I have envisioned for my use of RW. I have noticed from the feedback there is a huge disconnect between what is expected and what RW is.

For me Player Edition removes the notes, the memory, the review before every damn game. It removes the "Who was that guy we met at the place with the thingie and told us something important?" crap. It removes the need to give out player maps, notes, and the like, with one last feature needed GM to specific Player reveal. For me and my group the single biuggest drain on the game is historical knowledge, havign to look up through endless notes because players keep none, or lost it, or that player had to work OT or kid is sick and did not make it. My idea is they sync at end of session or anytime before next game day.

I am loving to read the feedback of RW in play, but I do think some people were expecting something RW is not. So far, I am seemingly heading in the right direction, that View will be used in the game session , and PE a repository for the players information and historical data. I do not care about sync during play, the information is current in your heads and on the screen in front of them. I guess having everyone in the same room with a spare screen is a bigger advantage then I thought.

Maybe whats happened here is LWD has not done a very good job as setting expectations at what RW is to the gaming table, they have done a great job at setting examples of what RW means to the GM and campaign management.
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