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This weekend was the first where my players had access to PE. I wasn't the DM, I just spoke with them.

A few points:
  • RW is primarily a game/campaign planning tool. That means that MOST of the usefulness is for the DM both before and during the actual games. I use it to plan games but also to eep track of complex information and plots that have developed over a 2 years (in RL) campaign
  • PE is useful primarily (for us) to view game logs and to be able to follow any pertinent information contained in them by clicking on the links. THIS is why LWD needs to get the journals up and running asap because it's the MAIN feature that will be used by the players and PE (IMO)
  • During the game, player view will be used for most stuff. While some of my players have laptops at the table most have tablets and thus cannot use PE (Note to LWD, your web client should also be a top priority)

None of this is a surprise because it was my understanding going in. That being said, I didn't follow the kickstarter, so I may have missed someof the marketing promises.

My players reacted well in that they understand the above listed role/use and will roll with it. The installation/registration is clunky but so is all the DRM/Registration for ALL LW products. Happily, all but one pf my players are IT guys, so they can do it.

I'm looking forward to actually running a game using RW, but that won't be until February at least since we alternate campaigns and I'm on my "off time" until then.
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