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Originally Posted by Grimmric View Post
I am a player and my understanding was that:
1. Player view was "live". It was used during play.
2. Player edition was instead of mailing out plots, notes and treasure found.
Like a spellbook. Good to get home and log on and read about all the evil wizards spells that now is mine.
Or read up on leads we got the week before. Instead of taking that time when we are att the table to play.
Not to respond "for LWD" but just a DM, product owner perspective....

1> not sure where some were led believe PE was "live". The PE has always been advertised as "off table" access anytime, from anywhere... now the RW DMs (full edition) having player view (and agree with "Supermax" there seems some residual confusion here) is to be used "in game" by the DM. Though admittedly, I don't personally utilize RW in that application. I utilize it more from an internal management tooling.

2> Spot on Grimmric, I can certainly see PCs (players) utilizing it in exactly such a fashion.

And to add, as players become more proficient doing this approach of treasure analysis , it would save what my players call "table time". This is, of course, a burden of the DM to supply that level of detail to the players.

Certainly another possibility for the market place... Vision if you will (hint hint LWD) a repository of misc items the DMs can "cannibalize" in the market place for finding misc magic items already fleshed out that they can drop into any campaign.
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