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Originally Posted by Pollution View Post
Yeah, you all have players that are like, 'oh, I was hoping for more...'
That's great! Your players seem invested.
So, cherish your players, mine suck.
Wow? What does one say to this? I'm personally stunned and not sure (mark it down it down doesn't happen often).
I guess I'm fortunate? in nearly 30yrs of DMing (yea don't like the phrase GM<old school grunard here>) I have never had a shortage of players. At times I have had a shortage of chairs.
Years ago, I floated games in three rooms with 20+ people (not ideal but we were young and had fun then) but through the years, I have maintained an average of about 10.
I'm not sure (lying here. cause I guess, I think, I do know) how my own players would respond if they read a post such as this if I were to post it.

To me (IMO FWIW) 99% of all players have something meaningful to contribute. The more difficult challenge is finding a cohesive mix of personalities (both at the table & in game) that work well together. Surely at the mecca of RPG (indi is still the locale for Gen-con after all) there must be a surplus of players and resources?

Not to be caustic or judgmental (cause I certainly don't know the details) but Pollution, take your own advice, cherish your players. Having a game with no players is as much fun as having players that have no game to play in. Both, in the end don't work.

Just remember, the hardest "role" to Play.. is the DM. It takes a mixture of accountant, bookkeeper, analyst, improv actor, script writer, counselor referee, and multitudes of others blended together and combined with the ability to multitask, compartmentalize and cram all of that into a fun incursion for friends. Often having to do so with less time than you would normally like to have. Not exactly an "easy" job, that is why most don't want, and fewer love it. (I fall into the love it category probably not a surprise to most)

Your other postings within threads are good and insightful my friend, I hope this was just a bad day...

@LWD Liz> My apologies Liz for usurping thread AGAIN, but sometimes it is just not in my nature (my wife would say most times here) to leave some things unresponded.
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