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I wholeheartedly agree with Thalamus. Of course RW works as it is, but it's clunky and takes a lot of time that you don't necessarily have during a game session.

For me it is often the pictures of NPCs and Monsters. I have a scene with several known NPCs or a fight with several enemies. Now I need to open all the corresponding topics for the persons or monsters and push all the images to the player view. Especially with a notebook that's geared toward mobility instead of performance, this can take a while.

I know I could prepare and pre-load all needed images in the player view before the session, but I experience crashes and unresponsivness if I have too many pics in the player view. Also, players not always take the path I intended for them...

Last note: I don't know how the different tiers for cloud storage will be defined, once we have to pay for it, but if it is based on disk space it would be customer-friendly to include ways to minimize the amount of data.
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