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Originally Posted by kbs666 View Post
Maybe you're using RW in an unusual manner. Could you describe how you use the images that you feel you need to have in multiple places.
Sure. Maybe the best way is to descripe it with something we both know, the Pixies on Parade Adventure.
In B7 "Lost and Found", I would've integrated all the Images from Edwin, the Items (Stuffed Bear, Ring, etc) and added some Images (like one of the Fairy Godmother) which I believe will come handy in-game.

It's just because, in-game it took me too long to open a link in a new Tab, go there and open the Image I need and then share it to the Player-View.

Sure, it is already possible, to show every Picture I want to on demand and it is a whining on a High Level, but I like it if GM-Tools need less fokus from me In-Game as possible.

To compare it with a traditional Situation. When I run a Session with real Paper, I tend to print every Handout which I will possible show to the Players before the Session starts so I don't need to browse through the Adventurebook In-Game.

The other Reason to me to like a feature like this are my plans how to use RW in the Future. I am on my Way to put all the Informations of the Forgotten Realms into RW. So I will have an Article for every City and Place some Time in the Future. So when I create a new Adventure in, say Deepwater, I would create an Entry for Deepwater in this Adventure with only the Information I need for this particular Quest. The Main Article for Deepwater will have many many Images, and some of them I will need in my Adventure and others not.

Maybe I am alone with this, but independent of the Fact someone really uses the same Pic in different Places. For me as a Developer also, it just makes sense to handle imported Ressources this way. It leaves much more flexibility to future Extensions of RW. Just think about the possibility to create a Towndescription with the whole Town and the different districts in seperate Articles and we can just use the same Overall Map linked in all the Articles with different cutouts (Sure this is not as easy as the first step, but the first step opens the possibility to do something like this)

Sorry for my grammar, I will never get the Upper- Lowercase syntax in english

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