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Originally Posted by ErinRigh View Post
Ok, first if you are unsure what a madu is, google it, I'll wait. (also called a maduvu and a maru for clarity)

Ok we clear on the madu? Cool!

Now, a madu is a traditionally off-hand weapon, wielded in conjunction with an on hand kukri, scimitar or khopesh.

My question is. a madu counts as both a double-ended spear (not a double weapon), and a light shield, how would we go about representing that for 2 handed people if the program can't have a shortspear, light shield and scimitar equipped at the same time?

I was thinking something along the lines of bootstrapping a light shield to a copy of the shortspear via the gizmo thingee, but I have no real clue if that would work, is possible or even a good idea.

Any one got any thoughts?
That would be as good a place to start as any. I would have to look into the mechanics of this as there are tags that would need to be added to the hero and other things you'd have to think about. You also probably would not want the shield to be something that can be equipped in order to avoid confusion. It would just appear if the weapon was equipped and provide the shield bonus.
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