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Ok, first if you are unsure what a madu is, google it, I'll wait. (also called a maduvu and a maru for clarity)

Ok we clear on the madu? Cool!

Now, a madu is a traditionally off-hand weapon, wielded in conjunction with an on hand kukri, scimitar or khopesh.

My question is. a madu counts as both a double-ended spear (not a double weapon), and a light shield, how would we go about representing that for 2 handed people if the program can't have a shortspear, light shield and scimitar equipped at the same time?

I was thinking something along the lines of bootstrapping a light shield to a copy of the shortspear via the gizmo thingee, but I have no real clue if that would work, is possible or even a good idea.

Any one got any thoughts?

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