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Greetings all,

I found this macro '#appenddesc' which I thought I could use to add text to the existing description for the skill. So I tried
#appenddesc[skBluff,"{b}Antagonize{/b}: Antagonize attempts relying on Bluff skill checks use deception to confound and harass opponents. Antagonize attempts made with Bluff can be verbal or nonverbal.
{i}Verbal{/i}: Your antagonize attempt is language-dependent, and your GM may award you a circumstance bonus to your Bluff skill check based on the believability of your lie.
{i}Nonverbal{/i}: Creatures that cannot be denied their Dexterity bonus to AC also cannot be affected by the antagonize attempt."]
But unfortunately that produced an error "Invalid macro reference encountered in script." Does this macro not work for skills? If not, how can I add text to skill descriptions?

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