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Thanks Mathias. I tried doing exactly that (the New(Copy) function) and looked at both Ring of protection and the shield spell as well. Here's where I ran into problems:

1) Ring of protection has the following eval script:
"hero.child[ArmorClass].field[tACDeflect].value = maximum(hero.child[ArmorClass].field[tACDeflect].value, 1)"

So I wanted to set this up the same way, but don't know what to substitute in for "tACDeflect" - because Shield is not a deflect bonus but is a shield bonus. So didn't know if I should use "pShield" or "pAdjust" somehow. Am a bit stuck here

2) With regards to looking at the shield adjustment - maybe I am doing it incorrectly (very likely) but I tried to find this and failed. In the editor I tried to "New (Copy)" the item the spell Shield - so Magic-> Spell -> New (Copy) -> Shield (spShield1). But when I do so, there is nothing in the Eval Scripts section/button, so I can't see what code is being used there.

Sorry, I know you're trying the "teach a man to fish" approach, but I am just not getting it. Appreciate any guidance or anything else you can offer to steer me on the correct course!
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