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Originally Posted by RavenX View Post
While it may be possible, I am not 100% certain on that. I do not deal with 1st edition AD&D personally and I have no incentive to really get into the work required for that system, personally. I don't think it would work the same way because in 2e the rogue/bard got to spend their percentage points on thief skills whereas in 1e you had a fixed progression for each rogue skill if memory serves correctly. That would involve altering the rogue skills and take a bit more work than I'm willing to do. Honestly it might be pretty easy to code 1e from scratch rather than trying to reverse engineer what I have done with 2e. 2e was a lot more complicated overall. Also I'm not looking at making the data available anytime soon, as I've said before I will not release it in an unfinished state and the to-do list still has a lot of things on it that I haven't gotten done yet. I won't release incomplete work, so you might be better off trying to code up 1e from scratch.
Okay. I get that. How would you rate the tools to create rule sets? I am not a programmer, so if it takes actual programming skill I'll probably not be able to do it. Also what do I need to do this? The HL licensing structure with rule sets and authoring tool, etc. Is confusing to me, which has stopped me from purchasing anything more than I currently have.
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