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Originally Posted by RavenX View Post
This requires a bit of fidgeting in the files themselves, as the key pieces are in different files. I was able to reverse engineer it in 2e to get the psionic strength points working so I kind of know how it works. It's just a matter of getting time to crank on it to get it all in place.

One request I will ask for is to add a toggle or selection options into the source options for different campaign settings.
One for generic alternity, and options for Dark Matter, Gamma World, and Star Drive would really be nice. That way we can source items for Gamma World to that setting, and items that are for Star Drive can be sourced to it appropriately.
Yep. Still needing more time, I guess, to figure out. I have something, as I said, but I'm just not happy with it. I have it so that you can count up but I'm trying to figure out how to set it so you count down. Then I'm trying to add it so that when they are over half on stuns/wounds, that a marker shows up to remind them of being at penalty. (I'm really lamenting that Alternity didn't name that condition!) I don't know why this has been so hard for me. *sigh*

I love requests!

I think I have this in place in that I have base campaign settings under configure your character. I need to make sure I'm using it as well but I am doing so with the Dark*Matter stuff I enter.

One of the problems, though, is how HL works with regards to replacing things. If I set up a new version of some "thing" and set it to replace a base item, what happens is that it no longer exists as a base item and only exists under the new thing.

For example, if I set up the new description of Psychology in D*M and set it to replace the existing Psychology, then if you don't select D*M, Psychology doesn't even appear! And if you do select D*M, then it appears just fine.

I'm trying to work on that as I enter D*M data to see how I can get something to work.


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