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Lots of good ideas - I believe some of them have been mentioned before.

Re. 1:
I haven't tried, but I am under the impression that you can swap the map and the pins should stay in place. I believe, that the maps swapped should be identical in terms of size.

Re. 2:
Yes, a selection of different pins and - please - different colours.
Btw. nice map.

Re. 3:
Nice idea.

Re. 4:
Not entirely sure what you mean - could you give an example?
But it sounds like it could be useful, so I am all for it.

Re. 5:
Interesting, though I can't help wonder if maybe we are moving away from a management tool towards a map tool here. Personally I would probably place this way down the list.

Re. 6:
As 5. I think it would require some heavy coding and probably a fairly heavy machine to run it - I am not sure it would be worth it - at least not for the time being.

Don't get me wrong; I would love RW to have 5 and 6, but since RW doesn't have it implemented already I think the resources would be better spend elsewhere (say, calendars?).

I simply show massive maps outside of RW.

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