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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
PS. This feels more like it being just a secret language than a skill. If a character has a percentage chance to learn it, then either they learn it or they don't....kinda like the druid language.
True can see that perspective, and is called a "language of sorts" in 2e, yet is one of few that had a % roll to discern what was being communicated... Hind sight for the 2e bunch would have been to make it a form of communication as apposed to a fully-blown language, but they at the time (talking with Eric Mona & Skip Willaims) didn't consider that when the mechanics changed and verbage became cloudy.
The full context description of the "Skill" is as follows:
Gnarley rangers have an equally complex set of signals in the form of terrain markers: scratches left on trees, a wedge cut out of a capped fungus, interweaving of small branches or ferns, and the like.
These signals generally indicate fairly simple things, often warnings relating to dangerous terrain, crossings, traps or monsters (kech, orcs, etc.).

Gnarley rangers of any level are proficient in this signaling system, and nonGnarley rangers will not be able to recognize it unless taught by one of their brethren who knows it well.

Most Gnarley woodsmen know something of this signaling system (A successful Know Local: Verbobonc, Dyvers, Celene, Wildcoast DC15) , since rangers often leave signs to warn them of perils and hazards.
Red text added to bring to a 3.5e game mechanic.

It would be akin to calling stop signs, oneway street, safe camp ahead, or water source this way.... a language...

Plus it also works with a Spot check if noticed, but meaning may not be known.

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