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Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
Does this mean if my character has a 10 INT, he would gain a 10% increase in his skill? If so, 10% of what?
Sorry I left you in the dark.. Since the bulk of The World of Greyhawk setting was written based on a 2e platform, rolls were set to a percentage...
For simplicity sake I have made a table decision in this case to "convert" that value one for one as an ability modifier to be in sync with the spirit of the 2e history yet modernizing to use a 3.5 skill /DC guideline...

So in this case, the original 2e had that chance to successfully understand set at 30% +1% per point of intelligence. Making even a genius level of intelligence have just under 50/50 chance of success.
So to mimic in 3.5e An 18 in intelligence would add 18 skill points yielding 9 skill points to add to the cross class skill Gnarley Secret Sign.
To conclude, this would make the wizard with the same intelligence in both 2e & 3.5e with no ranks in Gnarely Secret Sign to have just slightly less than 50% if the DC was set at DC20.

So that defines where I would like to end up, now to reverse engineer.

Originally Posted by Sendric View Post
Regardless, an eval script seems more than capable of handling this. You'll probably want to use hero.child[aINT].field[aFinalVal].value as your percentage score than multiply it by whatever your base is and add the result to the skill as a bonus.
And with the above what phase and priority would be best?
I presume post attribute (since user phases are presumably being phased out?) and maybe 10,000?

Thanks again for rapid feedback

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