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Originally Posted by Mathias View Post
In the editor, the *Procedures tab doesn't have a "Replaces Thing Id" option, so I don't understand how you intended to make this replacement happen.
That's pretty much what I was trying to ask(and my assumption as well), however, I was under the impression that various properties for a given object might be available, but not actually visible in the editor so I did not want to make an assumption(and if I am wrong on that point, please let me know) and was asking more in terms of how the XML itself is processed.

I think at the end of that day, in order to do what I want with the Savage Worlds system, I am going to have to copy and extend/replace various parts. Good in that I have source code for all of it so don't have to start from completed scratch.

Bad that I still have a good deal of work to do to change the UI and a few object properties(ie, add some new properties to objects) and that any future fixes won't get applied automatically.

This really was not so much about a need to change an existing procedure with my copy, but a general question about how the extensiblity of the application works. One of the change to a procedure has already been done and I am about to ask for a second change(that may or may not be done).
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