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The Greater arcane discovery is in class, custom ability. Thanks for the help.

So attempting to create a configurable greater discovery didn't work (didn't think it would). It apparently created a faulty hunter ambush tab though which I don't understand. I think I need to find a bonus feat tab somewhere.

The really frustrating part of all this is my searches keep pulling up small threads that are discussion between people who understand all this with hints it could fix my problem if I understood their arcane references. So instead of (1) do this, (2) do this, (3) do this, (4) insert this text which will cause it do x, y and z with explanations of each part. Instead I get "Does anyone know how to do this?" and a reply of "Yes add a thingy to a thingy and it'll work". Only they don't explain where to find things, which category or area to put the modification in or how to properly script it because they both know it all and that brief answer is all that's needed.

Ah well I'll keep bashing my head against this in an attempt to figure out how to increase the maximum number of arcane discoveries allowed by 1. It's really mean to taunt us less skillful folks with a "too many bonus feats have been added, 1 overspent" when its not really a bonus feat its an arcane discovery as a result of a class feature and none of the feat adjustments can touch it. Never mind me just venting frustation after several hours trying to figure this out tonight.

Still not figured out a way of doing this but I've found a second tab I can muck around with serching for, the gunslinger tab added to the slayer with the right talent. So Yay progress? Anyway we have class - class talent/exploit - discovery/feat and its that second dependant tab I'm trying to influence.
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