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At 11:40 AM 6/22/2007, you wrote:
And would be willing to help anyone who tries to make them in HL.

The Tome of Battle would be the first, as it is an amazing book, and it ups fighters to a good balance level

The second would be Psionics, which is also an amazing system, and sometimes considered the 4th core book.

Anyone trying to make these? Anyone of the Developers have plans to do with these?
The core material for Psionics is in the release we posted a short while ago. We'll be adding the rest of the Psionics material from the SRD in an upcoming release, but you ought to be able to create anything that's missing using the Editor if you just can't wait. :-)

As Paul mentioned, we can't do the Tome of Battle material ourselves unless WotC changes their current policy. You'll need to add that material using the Editor within HL. I believe much of the ToB can currently be done, but a few things can't yet. Supporting that stuff is definitely on our todo list and will be added in upcoming releases.
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