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Originally Posted by Azbriel
The Game has been out for over a year, what's going on? There are plenty of french updates so it can't be that hard to do and English version.
I am the french developer for Confrontation and Rag'Narok files, and know how difficult it is to get the initial files including all mecanisms for Rag'Narok. As I am part of the beta testers group too, I begun programing Rag'Narok files hardly one year before publishing the first release. And I had the advantage to play Rag'Narok for 2 years before that..
The monthly release only add the new material which have a low impact on the game system architecture, and is in a large extend common between Confrontation and Rag'Narok.

I developed also files for others game system (W40K, WFB, starship trooper, lÚviathan, Le retour des dieux, Warmachine, ...) and I think Confrontation and Rag'Narok are by far the two most difficult game system to develop for AB.

Moreover, I dont like this kind of attack on people who give you its spare time. May be you did forgot some smileys ? :roll:

So, repeat afer me :
"Thank you Mr butcher for all theses files."


PS : Forgive my poor english, I am french after all. :wink:
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