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I come and go here, depending on Life. Right now I am living in a state with everyone under quarantine so have more free times (also means I am out of a job for now).

I haven't looked thru here in depth to see what people are looking for so thought I would list all the setting books I am working on, etc. I haven't run a game in ages but keep buying SW books in hopes I guess.

So here is what I have/working on:

Beasts & Barbarians (Golden Edition)
Jalizar City of Thieves
Tricarnia Land of Princes and Demons
Gladiators of the Dominions (WIP)
Beasts of the Dominions (WIP)

Tyrnador (WIP)

Lankhmar City of Thieves
Owned, need to look over to see if need files from:
  • Savage Foes of Nehwon
  • Savage Seas of Nehwon
  • Savage Tales of the Thieves Guild

Last Parsec (WIP)

Mythos (WIP)

Rippers Resurrected (Just Player's Guide so far)

Rippers Companion

Savage Space (WIP)
Savage Space Ships (WIP)

Thrilling Tales

Daring Tales of the Space Lanes (WIP)

The Day After Ragnarok
Some others might be working on these as well, so if they want to compare/share let me know. If anyone wants to look some of these over and check my work, let me know. I was the original gaslight file author but passed that on long ago so I have some ability

I even have my own version of a SWADE file with just about all I could do myself, minus the encumbrance rules I couldn't figure out. But seeing an update that this might be coming out soonish I will wait for that I think, maybe.
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