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Hi everyone,

I have created the Silverbrow Human from the Unearth Arcana. That race has feather fall spell-like ability. They have one use of it at each 5 level. What i need is some tips of how to upgrade the charge of this ability. i know the script to use but not the variable. I need to know how to check the Hit Dice and how to augment the number of charge of this ability.

Here's a couple of things to make it easier to find these things on your own. When you enter a number into the Total Charges box, you will see that a new entry is added to the "Fields" button in the upper right. Click on the Fields button, and you will find the field "hTotal" has been added. This is the field that controls how many charges there are.

Over in the portfolio, go to Develop -> Floating Info Windows -> Show Hero Fields. Looking through these fields you will come upon a field called "tHitDice". As you can imagine, this field contains the total number of Hit Dice your character has. To access this field, and any of the others in this dialogue, you would use the following:

You most likely need to run any script that uses this field post-levels.
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