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My understanding is that Realm Works is not designed to fill the role of the Virtual Table Top.

You could use the Fog of World (similar to Fog of War) technology, along with say a Smart Image of your regional map or dungeon the characters are delving.
Then reveal the portion they've explored, as they explore it.
If you really want to attempt Fog of War, you could re-hide areas that they've moved beyond.
Or if the group splits, then hide the other's region when dealing with any subset of players who happen to act now.

If you have an extra monitor, or are willing to share yours, the Player's View feature can show the players the revealed section.

I run my game with a virtual table top, on my laptop... along with a PDF of the adventure.
The second monitor has Hero Lab and Realm Works.
The third monitor, a cheapish HDTV from Craig's List, has the battle map and the Player View for anything I want to share with the group.

The VTT displays my battlemap, designed in dungeon designer 3+ (CC3+), the tokens of the characters and monsters, including their relative health (via how much "red" coloration their digital token has).
The official version of their stats is in hero lab, classic.
Realm Works is the campaign organizational tool, and monster portfolios can easily either be viewed or added to the already open hero's portfolio with ease.
The Player's View (GM Client) can show a large scale (already at maximum zoom in amount) on the HDTV, and when they do knowledge checks I can share snippets of weaknesses or monster abilities for anything they learn of it.

We're not using the Player client at all.
But my understanding was that more of a case of world/adventure review... as in what have the players learnt in previous sessions.
It was not an attempt at a live feed VTT experience.
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