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As a long time user whom has sunk hundreds and hundreds of dollars into the product, I would feel pretty betrayed if they didn't update their product. I've even managed to get a dozen or so friends and family members hooked on the product. Then again, myself (the GM) and the wife are the only ones using a Mac...

We still need some 'offline' products in this world. I know all the pro's and con's of taking everything online from both the consumer and the businesses perspective, but I despise the change in general across he board.

If the power goes out and people want to get together to play a Pen and Paper game because - no power? Sorry, can't all our character sheets are online.

If we want to continue playing a sweet campaign while camping, or in a rented cabin up in the woods away from cell service? Can't.

If there were a handful of cases where going online only DIDN'T make sense, it would be a Pen and Paper RPG.

And don't even get me started on the demonic "Everything on the planet needs to be individual subscriptions" horse-apples approach. *shakes a single finger at Adobe*

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