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Below are various Tips, and links for managing PDFs brought here for ease of access... Thanks to the collective round-tabling on this topic. I have included links within this site for review of the discussions, a cost comment (as of 1 Nov17 ) and lastly a direct external link to the reference software source if applicable (link Verified as of 1Nov17).

DaPlunk using Gimp for text extraction >
DLG> Gimp is open source and Free

DaPlunk using "GetGreenShot" for quick screen extraction >
DLG> GetGreenShot is open source and Free (For Windows) Mac App($2US)

Jamz fork of Maptools ( as discussed here>
Also this is setup for 64bit, so if having trouble see here>

DaPunks color correction for transparent backgrounds

Jay_Nola for Fantasy Grounds PDF Extraction>
DLG> FantasyGrounds is either subscription ($4-$10/mth) or License based ($39-$149)

Eightbitz for PDFmate
DLG> PDFmate is free, OCR is limited to 3 pages Proversion $40US

Eightbitz & Myself for LibreOffice
DLG> LibreOffice is open source and Free using Open Document Formatting
DaPunks You-tube Page>

D&D> Pre 1e White Box Edition, 1e, 2e, 3.5 Currently, Set in the World of Greyhawk (The first, longest running and Best Campaign Setting)
Software>Extensive use of all forms of MS Products, Visual Studio 2012, DAZ 3d, AutoCAD, Adobe Products.
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