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I guess it's as always:
I lost count on how many times I heard such things.
To be honest I've seen this "this update brings us a lot closer" to the Content Market Release" soooo often since they had already announced that they are "very close" to the release that it makes me wonder if they might have been not "very close" in the first place but more like far far away.
Originally Posted by Tharmiones View Post
My bet on the potential "content" of the announcement is:
"We are almost ready for the release of the content market. We are making great progress so stay tuned for the next update in the following weeks"

I don't believe you anything until it is actually there.
@dapluk and everyone else trying to say that it's the KS backers fault that they backed a SW project on KS and failing to realize that dates can change:
If it weren't for the KS Backers RW would be not even close to what it is now, if existing at all. Projects on KS are always only financed on promises. Failing to deliver in time is almost certain BUT if something is announced as "nearly complete" with a planned Release date in six months you certainly do not expect to not even see the most basic delivery of that promised functionality not even four years later.

I've made a summary of the promised to delivered functionality last year august:

What did change in the meantime?
"automatic change detection and resolution": Nope nothing changed.
"Customer Calendars": Nope nothing changed.
"Countent Market is called as SOON so often I lost track." Still true, this was done just again.

"GMs can share their creations through the cloud for use by others." Partly: You can finally export and yes you can share it through the cloud but that sharing is through a file exchange service not the actual content market.

"GMs can browse the work of others and integrate it into their own worlds. Imagine being able to find a pre-made encounter, or a tavern, or an entire region with adventures and NPCs. Drop it into your own world, change a few names, hook it into locations in your world, and itís fully integrated for use. No scribbled notes. No Post-Its. No juggling between PDFs, books, and your own files. Realm Works is built from the ground up for exactly this purpose." --> Partly: The content needs to be exported that way instead of allowing you to choose what part to import.

So current plan, as far as the available information goes is:
1. Export/Import functionality Somehow DONE
2. Deliver free content DONE
3. Start to deliver Kickstarter content NOT DONE
4. Launch the Content Market NOT DONE

So even the KS Content is not even available and that's supposed to be available BEFORE the release of the Content Market.
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