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Originally Posted by MNBlockHead View Post
It always perplexes me to see how outraged some bakers get when a Kickstarter fails, or deadlines slip, or the original scope contracts. Even if you don't understand what KS is and how it works and are mistakenly treating it as a pre-order market (which it most definitely is not), if losing the cost of the pledge (either total loss or partial lost through delays and failures to deliver planned features), then why did you spend the money? KS projects can and will have scope changes and you can and will lose money or not get what you want if you back enough of them.
I think this is a fair point. However, I also think we are way past this just being a kick starter. I was not a part of the kick starter. I purchased the product based on what was still being promised way past the KS. The same logic applies, I should not have bought a product based on what it is planned to have later. Its just that everyone keeps saying that only the KS backers have any cause to complain, and I disagree. I was not in the KS and have owned RW for three years -- we have been blowing by promises that whole time.

I also agree with what others have said - LWD is just a frustrated by all this a we are currently. I think LWD is doing its best and I don't have a solution other than to just hang in there.
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