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Old June 18th, 2021, 09:02 AM
Was doing some entry work and discovered a couple of possible bugs in v256:

First when setting name priority in Manage Names, does not seem to be saving changes consistently. Tried several times and discovered this to be the case.

Second, (and probably related to the first issue) when you go to save a record sometime, it does not save when you click on Save Changes button (disk icon) or use Ctrl + S does not gray out after saving (so probably not saving and when you move to the next record tries to save a second time.

Only seems to be doing this when you go back and try alter a record.


Further testing seems to indicate the issue is only with not saving changes to Name priority. And still might only be intermittent. Would really like someone else on 256 build to give this a look and a little testing if they have the time.

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