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Originally Posted by Greylin View Post
Hi, sorry for the basic question. A minor magical monocle that adds +2 Search, +2 Sense Motive, +1 Intimidate (big scary magnified eye), -1 Diplomacy (big scary magnified eye).

I've cribbed the below from other items in Eval Scripts (Pre-Levels, Priority 5000) but the -1 Diplomacy penalty is not working. Can you help please?


if (field[gIsEquip].value <> 0) then

#competencebonus[hero.childfound[kSearch], 2]
#competencebonus[hero.childfound[kSenseMot], 2]
#competencebonus[hero.childfound[kIntim], 1]

The Bonus fields cannot drop below zero. I don't know if there's an equivalent macro for applying to the penalty fields, but you can sub in that last line with this:

hero.childfound[kDiplomacy].field[PenComp].value -= 1
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