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I'd like to volunteer to write some files up for Arcana Unearthed, by Monte Cook. I own a copy of the book, and have a digital PDF copy as well, so I can easily work on it. I have yet to buy the Hero Lab licence, but when I do I will start working on this either way.

I know that Arcana Unearthed is not a 3.5 book, that it's older and has many old rules. I also know that it uses elements not in 3.5 like air, water, and earth, but I do love the book and it's variant style, so I'm going to update the classes, spells, and races for 3.5 as I go. I will keep the casting system the same if possible, perhaps using a special ability casters can activate in the morning to respec their spell list (which will effectively be a sorcerer spell list).

If anyone is already working on this, please tell me so we can confer on how best to go about it in HL.
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