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Originally Posted by candidgamera View Post
I am getting close! Thanks for the advice so far. Question, though - I am trying to get the save DCs for some abilities to come out correctly - the Fear ability, for instance. The DC should be 10 + half HD + Cha; and I have the ability set up to use Charisma under the Racial Specials. The problem is that my 5HD Barbarian Ancient Dead with a Charisma of 14 should have a DC 14 Fear save, and it's showing as 12.

Now, a Bard Ghost I built has a proper save DC for its corrupting touch ability; but that ability is a Racial Cust Special, so maybe they work differently?

What I need to know is if there's some trick to getting a template-granted racial ability to consider the Hit Dice of the base creature for the save DCs.
You may have uncovered a bug. Use the bug report thread to report it...


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