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Hi there

If have read the dat file correctly the armour is an item linked to the Hussars by an option, there is nothing in the code or the option that alters the count of the item. You'd need to do this through the size script for the option or link the option to the item so that it changes the item count.

For the item count for the armour is there a need to change the count as it is not costed and it is showing that it is present for the unit so having the count of one fufills the criteria? (This was using the example unit of Hussars above)

If it was a costed option for the unit in the example you gave at the start of the post then you would not be able to use a straight forwards option and option link min/max to change the item count unless you linked the option to change the size count.

If you wanted that to work try a private stat and then use a size script for the armour option and a seperate option to change the number of the options taken - you can't do this direct from the armour option though as the size script doesn't give you access to "this.selection" etc

If none of that makes any sense (not sure if am explaining this very well sorry) drop me a pm


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