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Originally Posted by Daniel V View Post
Yeah I hear you there. Definitely something we want to take a look at. As for summary text (the text that displays under the name), I don't think there is currently, but that's another thing I'll bring up. Might be something we can do.

There's an adjustment for Language Slots, to add (or subtract) the number you have available. Just use that to bump up by 1, and add it normally. Languages are one of the things I've noted for us to discuss for custom ancestries.
Yep, I went ahead and added two free language slots to act as placeholders for the starting languages. I look forward to seeing what additions and features you all come up with for custom ancestries.

Also, the ability to create custom feats with mechanics you can activate/deactivate (such as bonuses or penalties to skills, checks, and saves) or custom feats that grant additional custom actions/reactions would be fantastic as well.

Thanks, Daniel!
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