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Originally Posted by Daniel V View Post
Hmm, for the moment, go to Permanent Added Abilities and you can add abilities there. Same thing with Permanent Adjustments to add traits. I've flagged this for us to look into further when we get a chance.
Thanks, Daniel.

What you've suggested is essentially what I ended up doing, though it's a bit clunky. I've created a custom feat as a placeholder for my ancestry heritage (and granted the character a free general feat to select it). Is there a way to add subtext (in addition to description text) to custom feats so you can set what displays beneath the feat's title in the "Special Abilities" section of the Character sheet? As of now, only the title is shown, which means I have to click on the feat to see what it does.

Also, is there a way to set starting languages? I see ways to allow what languages are valid choices for the character, but not how to give a character a specific language (to simulate the fact the custom ancestry automatically knows x or y language right from the start)?

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