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It is Voz. I am having a lot of trouble with Malarunk. His Divine Font Harm spells are the problem. I can add Divine Font with Add Permanent Ability, but cannot set it up to allow him to cast Harm more than 1/day (he gets 3/day).

I find making NPCs in Pathfinder 2e to be much harder than 1e. I like 2e, but the NPC system in Hero Lab Online does not lend itself to NPC creation well. Maybe I just do not understand how Hero Lab Online NPC creation is supposed to work (very probable). Simple things like taking an NPC of race X and assigning class Y with Z levels just does not seem possible. I find I have to manually add every single feat or ability. I have to go down every single row on the Ancestry Customization and search for the ability I want to add because sometimes it is not intuitive.

It would just be nice if they released Age of Ashes GM content. It is a year old. I would totally pay to save myself the countless hours of hand entering all of this information. We should at least be able to share content with each other to save me the time.

I just expected Hero Lab Online to be more mature in its content than it is. It is still pretty good but Hero Lab Classic spoiled me.
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