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Originally Posted by Farling View Post
It all comes down to when the company has spent enough money and time fighting, and just can't afford or be bothered to keep slamming their heads against a brick wall.
Well, if what you mean is that the company doesn't consider the customer base important enough to "be bothered", then I agree.

Perhaps it's time to take out the license requirement and force people to unlock the data files on their desktop and copy them over to the iPad. Then, the app can be distributed free (just like it is anyway), but without a license requirement there's nothing for Apple to complain about.

License files are so 1980's mentality anyway; anyone with a decent debugger and some basic logic can patch a binary to disable them. (It's more work on today's platforms that have so much cpu to spare that they can do cryptographic checks on the binary before execution, but it's still doable.)

Also, your mouse cursor app is a single one-off purchase, rather than HL which has a host of different packages available to be purchased.
I don't see how that has any bearing on whether users could be employed to help persuade App Store management to change their tune.

Users stirring up social media is just the kind of thing that Apple doesn't like.

Anyway, as I said: it doesn't hurt to try, does it? Giving up before all tools have been brought to bear seems... defeatist.
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