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Originally Posted by Azhrei View Post
Yep, I'm aware of all that (including the recent testimony to Congress regarding their anticompetitive practices).

Regardless, when there are multiple tools in the toolbox, it makes sense to try each tool in turn. I am pointing out that not all tools have been used yet, and getting one's user base involved is an almost free venture. ("Almost", because commonly there needs to be someone to spur the crowd forward and that takes a few minutes each day to keep going. But then that's kind of the job of marketing and social media directors, right?)
It all comes down to when the company has spent enough money and time fighting, and just can't afford or be bothered to keep slamming their heads against a brick wall.

Also, your mouse cursor app is a single one-off purchase, rather than HL which has a host of different packages available to be purchased.


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