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Originally Posted by Ryan F View Post
Regarding the iPad App updates, tweaks, and changes: There currently is something of a block in place by Apple on us issuing updates to that platform due to how we sell Hero Lab Classic, specifically the sales are never channeled through their App Store which is something of a newer enforced requirement for products they support there.
You might do better with Apple if you got your user base involved. Maybe, maybe not, but I don't see how it could hurt at this point.

Regardless, I have multiple "remote mouse" apps for the iPad/iPhone that require a separate network agent installed on my Mac. There is a charge for the Mac app, but the iPad companion app is free. This sounds very similar to the situation with HL, except...

The remote mouse apps on the mobile device don't require a license key. It's the Mac app that has the license key. Apparently, the iPad app connects to the Mac app and the Mac app, at that time, verifies it's own key. Perhaps looking at some of these types of apps would help? At a minimum, a phone call to the vendors putting out those apps might yield some information regarding details of how they've had to proceed.

If you'd like to PM me, I'd be happy to provide a list of those apps. I believe I have two or three that I've tried over the years...
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