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I'm of a mixed opinion on Realm Works.

I wasn't part of the kickstarter, so didn't come in with expectations of calendars or anything like that.
I was already a Hero Lab (Classic) user, with almost all of the Pathfinder (1e) options.

Seeing the integration of a Realm Works bestiary monster, into a running Hero Lab portfolio (with all the player characters in it), that really sold me.
Joshua Plunkett's YouTube stuff, essentially.

The current version of Hero lab (64-bit) doesn't work with that functionality, which sucks.
I bought the Bestiaries specifically for that.

However, they're another view of the monsters, and are still a useful product... having already bought them.
I probably wouldn't have, if I knew there wouldn't have been the HL/RW integration.

I have a lot of information in Realm Works.
And it's a very nice tool for what it does.
Primarily the auto linking of articles, and forcing it to obey capitalization.
Any Article (on my end) has to have a two word title, with both first letters capitalized.
It was a pain in the ass having single lower case words auto link to the Bestiaries, without actually desiring that.
Type in (copy/paste from a PDF) something like "It was a whale of an issue" and there's an undesired link in whale.

Still, can navigate to that article, manage names and remove the auto linking.
Over time, that has become less and less of an issue.

The auto linking has made so many things much easier in the world building.
Even though the HL portfolios don't work as I wanted them too (with HL.64bit), I still get a good use from both products.

I've had a few sync issues over the years.
RW has always dealt with them.
If need be, I could simply backup a current realm (on the preparation desktop), and then copy the file to DropBox and restore from backup (to the game session laptop).
The cloud is easier, and very worthwhile.
It's also revenue, even if it's not a lot of profit margin for LW.

I really like the product, even in it's current state.

In my ideal world, RW integration with HL-64 would be implemented.
And HL classic options (PF 1e) would make it onto HL-Online.
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