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Originally Posted by rob View Post
We can't just magically remove it. That extra help text is absolutely needed within the UI, but it also needs to be omitted from printouts. So the solution requires revisions across many layers to accommodate it in a generalized manner. It's in progress, but it's not something that can be fixed instantly.
I actually don't agree it is needed in the UI, it was fine prior to that.

I would rather you take it out until you figure out how to apply it correctly. It is doing more harm then good currently.

Edit: If taking out the text is an actual option I strongly think that is what should be done to fix the problem it is causing until you can add it back correctly. If it can't be taken out (or won't) I will just be pissed until I can print out my character sheets again. Seriously for those who play Org Play and use this to add boons this really sucks for printing sheets.

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